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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tony Scott

I do not understand suicide and find it such a waste of human life and talents. If I had a time machine, I'd go back and slap Tony in the face, shake him good and ask: What do you think this will do to your family? How would that make them feel that you are choosing your feelings over theirs? Not to even mention the fact that suicide is a sin.

God had more plans for Tony, personally and professionally, because He still had him here. For a reason.

And, yes, I understand he had some sort of undisclosed health problem. And, yes, I understand there are things worse than death. But really, was this the one and only solution?

I'm sure for a long while, every time I see his name, I'll remember this. Even spurred on by his brother's name, by association. With time, I hope this particular memory dulls.

I'm a huge fan of the directing/producing talents of both Tony and Ridley. And I read film credits. I'm an author with an insatiable need for great character names from real-life ones, which I truncate, merge, splice, etc. Plus there is always some actor I recognize but cannot put a name to the face. And the music. Sometimes one piece really pulls at me.

So now, as I peruse the rolling credits to one of my favorite TV shows, Numb3rs, or some of my fave movies of all time, Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II, The Last Boy Scout, or even those films of Ridley's that I adore, like A Good Year, I will be saddened to remember this awful event. Over and over again. Reliving this act of stupidity.

That could have been prevented.

That should have been prevented.

Tony, what was so bad in your world that your choice to end your life was of more importance than bringing more hurt and pain to your wife, your family, your friends?

What a hideous waste.

Suicide is the ultimate selfishness.

You'll be greatly missed, Tony. You've left a vacant spot on the earth where you should still be.

Denise Barker, mad and sad author/blogger

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