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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Home Cooking: Slow-Cooker Southwest Chicken and Wilted Spinach with Arugula

This is a slow-cooker recipe of my own creation, but I'm sure other people have already discovered this particular mix of five ingredients, which I mostly have on hand at any time. Plus it works well in the slow cooker, and it is relatively fast and easy. Even if you decide at 8:00 a.m. to have chicken at noon, you can defrost your frozen chicken breasts in hot water in fifteen minutes.

The most time-consuming part is cleaning the chicken of fat, skin and tendons. I normally use four chicken breasts of assorted sizes, but yesterday I used six. Open one can of Rotel tomatoes or a generic brand of diced tomatoes with jalapenos. Put them in the slow-cooker first (liquid and all), topped by one can (4.25 oz.) of chopped black olives. I like that touch of fat to help satiate, plus the added colors of the two canned goods liven up the chicken, which will be white. Be sure to cook the chicken thoroughly. Put the slow cooker on high for two hours or so to eat at lunch or on low for several hours to have for dinner.

Plate a couple handfuls of spinach and arugula and top with the hot chicken mix. It will wilt your lettuces easily. I love my greens this way, and this procedure works well with steaks and fish too.

I crave this particular dish and have it at least once a month. Plus it is handy to have on those days where you don't want to heat up your kitchen (like summertime) and/or when you want a home-cooked meal fast.

Note: No additional liquid is needed in the slow cooker. The one can of Rotel and one can of olives were still enough to garnish the six breasts.


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