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Friday, September 5, 2014

KDP Royalty Payments for Sales in Other Countries

I recently changed banks and had to make the related updates regarding all online transactions, deleting the old banking numbers and putting in the new.

When updating my Amazon KDP account, I thought changing my home country, my US settings within KDP as for royalty payments, would be like an automatic default for all the others.

I was wrong.

So if you are making sales in Germany, Canada, Italy, France, England, Spain, Japan, India, Brazil, Mexico and Australia, then you need to check your KDP account and change each setting accordingly.

For example, the other countries were set to "issue a check" (with a minimum of $100 required and a fee may apply before issuing) and the form of money was that of that particular country, not mine. So my UK sales were defaulted to issue a Check and payable in Pounds. France was Check + Euro.

I set all mine to EFT (electronic funds transfer) + USD (US dollars).

You Indie authors out there may have money waiting to be paid to you from countries around the world.

Check your KDP account and see.

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