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Friday, October 2, 2015

I Loved Aldi's Before and Now I Love Them Even More

I love my local Aldi's. First, no pesky annual fees are involved. That would negate me from ever being a customer, as I am currently in the broke-but-happier season of my life ever since starting my freelancing career. Second, I save money, even compared to Walmart.

But now I have an additional reason. Aldi's announced yesterday, October 1, 2015, how it will remove all partially hydrogenated oils, certified synthetic colors and added MSG from its "exclusive brand food products."

All are steps in the right direction. Thank you, Aldi's!

To see the whole press release, go here: https://corporate.aldi.us/fileadmin/fm-dam/news_and_awards/Press_Release_2015/Product_Reformulation_Press_Release_FINAL.pdf

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