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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: J. C. Staudt's Driftmetal, Segment One

I'm a relatively new reader of the steampunk/diesel punk genre, and I loved this first book of this series set on shattered bits remaining of the planet Esperon. Author J. C. Staudt has two other series as well (each set in different worlds), which I'm looking forward to reading also. His snide humor is present throughout Driftmetal, and several times I found myself laughing out loud while reading (which I rarely do).

This book was easy to read and went by too fast. Amazon does list it as 166 pages, but I find my own books' page counts are sometimes short of my Microsoft word count. And, as book one of five in this series to date, I can look forward to having more to read in this world.

I loved the main character in Driftmetal, a pirate of sorts, Mulroney Jakes aka Mull, who prefers to think of himself as a "commodities appropriation and merchandising specialist." Granted, he doesn't always have the purest of motives, but, to me, as someone who is all too responsible, I found him altogether refreshing. Plus I can appreciate his reactions to his family's antics and am living vicariously through his derring-do deeds.

There may be the beginning of a love story with Mull and a female captain in this book, which I would have enjoyed seeing more fleshed out in this first installment. And what is Mull's middle name? He learns of it herein and mentions not even knowing that he had one. I'm curious ...

Anyway, if you're a fan of the Alliance-hating Mal Reynolds in Firefly or the irreverent Captain Jason Nesmith in Galaxy Quest, I think you'll enjoy this story too.

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