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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Quick Tip re Obamacare

DISCLAIMER: I'm no expert on Obamacare. However, I do my own taxes and have read the related IRS literature (which was confusing to me that first year), but I figured out the right forms to use the next year. Further, I'd prefer a more preventative-based plan (eating organic foods, etc.) than only a fix-it-now-that-it's-broke mentality, plus I lean toward holistic and homeopathic treatments rather than what is currently offered by traditional medical practices. Also I find it offensive that age is the factor which determines the Obamacare premium amount. I'm healthier than most twentysomethings and thirtysomethings, yet I get charged more than twice as much. There are always exceptions to these pat generalizations. And I should get some added benefit for being healthy to begin with, with no pre-existing conditions and taking no medication whatsoever (not even aspirin or other over-the-counter meds).

That said, here's my tip as Obamacare currently stands and per my understanding of the plan:

My two-person household (both freelancers) can earn up to $75,000 total a year and still qualify for the free Obamacare.

Yep. It amazed me too how high the earnings threshold is. But, when you offset the earnings with the insurance premiums the government is paying monthly for my particular household ($483 and $217 per this year's coverage through Molina), then the combined $75,000 earnings for two people don't seem so high when $8,400 a year ($700 a month) is the cost for medical insurance to cover the said two people. Yikes! Glad I'm not paying for that. Would rather have half of that paid to me for buying organic food instead. The government would save half, and I could eat healthier. Just saying ...

Of course this may be a moot observation if Obamacare is rescinded.

Denise Barker
Author, Blogger and Freelance Copy Editor

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