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Monday, April 10, 2017

Don't Toss Those Stale or Hard Cookies

This is one of those tips that just seems so obvious, yet I only figured it out one week ago.

If you're like me and prefer your cookies soft and preferably warm from the oven, then a hard cookie is not so tempting. But don't throw those away. (Unless they were homemade, and salt was used instead of sugar. Feel free to trash those.) Save each kind in its own baggie, and place them all in a one-gallon freezer bag. Use them to make cookie crumble toppings on pies, cakes, fruit crisps. You can also crush them into a flavorful graham-cracker-like crust.

And, if you eat Oreos like I do (taking off one cookie from each sandwich, eating the rest), then you'll have a lot of chocolate wafer cookies to make a great chocolate cookie crust.

Everyone does that, right?


Gotta get back to work but I did want to share this with y'all before I forgot. Have a good Monday!

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