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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Today's Lines to Live Your Life By

I read constantly. I have various daily feeds in my email. I read for information gathering, like the ingredients' lists on foods and beauty products, with an eye to create a more healthy version at home. I read owner's manuals for the equipment I buy and also the Terms and Conditions docs before signing up for online services. Not the most fun reads ever but necessary, IMO.

In addition I do read for the pure pleasure of it, whether online sites, books on my Kindle, physical books of all genres, plus my work is the most fun of all: copyediting other authors' manuscripts. However, I can't share those lines with you as I guard my clients' words as the intellectual property they are in the prepublication process. After publication, I can choose to share those with you with the proper attribution.

So I run across many words of wisdom throughout my day. Just recently I began saving and organizing them better. My current process is to handwrite them into a spiral notebook daily as I find each one. I plan to review them at month's end and maybe delete the ones which don't withstand the passage of time. Anyway, it's a work in progress that I'll perfect as I go along.

Here are today's lines to live your life by:

You're building the future every single day, whether you do so knowingly or not. Everything you do leaves a trace in the world. What's your life's footprint?

One of the main ideas from this passage is to choose wisely, don't live life by default.

Wanna guess where this gem came from? Bet you'll be surprised to find out these lines are courtesy of today's horoscope for me per Horoscope Friends.

See? You can find wonderful words in various places.

Have a great day, all.

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