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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

At the Heart of It All

I'm an author of both fiction and nonfiction, but I started out as a lover of books, a voracious reader from a very young age.  I still consume hundreds a year.  And whether I'm reading about self-improvement or studying the Bible or cruising through Bios of my favorite celebrities or pleasure reading detective stories or romances where I fall in love with or want to be one of the main characters, I see a single continuous red thread that traverses through all my assorted readings.

There is an underlying psychological component to success.

Self-confidence.  An awareness of self. 

Not to be confused with ego or an out-of-control Id, but a grounding sense of self, of where we come from--whether you are looking at your family tree or the Word of God.  There is something about confidence that stirs us to greatness.  Plus it does not seem to matter which area of our life spurs on this self-satisfied waterfall of good emotions.

Life can be broken down into various categories and here is just one sample:  Family/Friends, Career, Hobbies, Health/Fitness, Money/Finances, Personal Improvement, Community/Contribution.  Since success begets more success, pick one slice of life in which you excel and focus on your accomplishments in that area.  It fuels more motivation to act in a way that you continue to excel  in that and/or other areas.

For example, think of falling in love.  What euphoric sensations THAT does to our body and our feelings and emotions.  It amps up the senses.  And it draws people and things to us as well as our attention on things unseen before.  Just think of how many more people seem to be interested in you when you already have someone special in your life.  Don't you attract more people in that highly charged state?  Think of applying that force to your career--the one you were meant to enjoy, where you are rewarded for your natural gifts.  Or any of the other facets of your life.

The Bible speaks of thinking only on good thoughts and I reiterate that promise here.  Of course, the Good Book does not always tell us why we should or should not do certain things.  I personally contend that such negative thoughts or memories lead us to be consumed by unpleasant emotions and that all such actions lead to disease, an unhealthy physical state.  Cell memory is alive and well and can influence the whole body.

This study could be and has been for me a lifelong research project.  So necessarily this short blog spot can only hint at all this subject entails.  Suffice it to say, knowledge is awareness.  Notice the negative self-talk and stop, halt the derogatory words, replace them with a positive reinforcing thought of a past success, even if you have to go back to age five or revert to a generic prayer of thanksgiving and gratefulness to our Creator.

I am not preaching or intending to preach here, yet I will give scripture to support my hypotheses as needed.  However, my current point is not a debate over spiritual values or religions, but to encourage us, me included, to promote a healthy love of self.  It helps us to be better individuals which contributes indirectly and directly to our neighbors and beyond.

Final take-away thought:  The Bible speaks of God as being "I AM."  Watch what you say about yourself when you start any sentence with "I am" for those two words, coupled with any that follow, contain the power to create.

What do you want to create in your life?

So here's my toast to Self:  May you ever grow in universal knowledge and wisdom and awareness with a specific focus on those gifts that inhabit each and every one of you and were given to you to be shared with the whole world.  May you enjoy your many successes!

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