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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Additional Thoughts re "I AM"

Thinking about yesterday’s blog made me remember two items I would like to add.

One, the Bible.  I seek answers from a multitude of sources.  Yet the Bible remains my personal ken on life.  In fact, when I read most self-help books, I can match up many, many, many of their foundational messages to a paraphrase of a verse in the Good Book.  It remains a resource for me, a benchmark, the raised bar to reach for.
Two, the “I am” statements.  I wanted to clarify that you may speak your “I am” statements LONG BEFORE anyone else “sees” them in this current reality of space and time.  Take me for example.  I am an author.  Prior to March 27, 2011, you would not have found any online e-books or print paperbacks bearing my name.  Yet years before that I was creating tales of fiction.  While my first remembered piece was a short, short mystery written as a homework assignment in seventh grade and I have written some other pieces since then, I first called myself an author about ten or twelve years ago.  I had submitted a finished short story to a contest.  I did not win.  Nevertheless, that was a major event in my life.

Even so, my actual career shift and serious writing mode began years later in 2007 where I penned eight works-in-progress totaling over 350,000 words by October 2008.  Only in 2011 did I later add my (currently) three nonfiction works.  I continue to manifest new novels and self-help checklists as we speak. 

Everything is created twice:  first in the mind, then in physical form.  That dressmaker’s pattern, that architect’s blueprint, that city planner’s projected new highway—all of them were "secrets" hidden away in your gray matter first, then a two-dimensional or 3-D model or pattern to go by that a few people were privy to before existing in the very public arena of reality.  In that same way, I would suggest keeping your goals to yourself at first while you are incubating that new idea and then expose it only to a select few of the supportive people you know who maintain positive can-do outlooks.  Then once it is a fait accompli, you can share your successful finished creation to the public.

So, keep in mind you must initially decide who you are, state your "I am" as your first step to becoming the new improved you and continue to act on that declaration.  All that foundational work is unseen by onlookers.  Like the roots of a plant are developed first before the blossom and fruit.  Thereafter, once you are reaping the harvest from the thoughts and idea "seeds" you have planted, enabling you to grow into the fullness of your declared “I AM,” then other people will see it too.  Don’t feel like a fraud for deeming it so initially. 

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