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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Check out Holly Lisle's Article "Money from Nothing"

The full title to her copyrighted article from her website is:

Money From Nothing: The Economic Value of Writing Original Fiction

A Foray Even Your Mother Will Appreciate Into Why Writing Isn’t a Waste of Your Time


She sets forth good, inspirational arguments supporting authors and their creative writings, whether published traditionally or Indie or not at all.  I hesitate to post the link here only because of the wording of her copyright notice on her emails.  (I know, probably not what she intended.  But I would rather err on this side than to commit a copyright foul.)   


So go to her official website:  www.HollyLisle.com.  Click on the "Articles" tab, select "Writing Mind, Heart and Soul" from the drop-down menu.  There is no date on this one to distinguish it from the rest, but today I received her email linking to this "new" article.  Before I got this post up on my blog, there was already a newer article by Holly now listed above this one within her "Mind, Heart and Soul" writings.  


You can also do a search within her website.


Check it out.  It is well worth the little time invested.


Plus, if I could add anything to Holly's brilliant post, it would be to say this:  Even a reader has an impact on this world's economy.  Because as this blog post could theoretically add additional marketing efforts to Holly's, possibly one of my readers may be introduced to Holly Lisle and then even buy her books and/or courses, thereby funding Holly to continue offering books and/or courses . . . and the economic cycle completes yet another turn.


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