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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Check out ThePioneerWoman.com

First, let me say "Thank you, honey!" to that lovely, organized, productive young woman buying canning jars who led me to this website--which I have added to my favs on the right-hand sidebar.

Second, a disclaimer.  I haven't even begun to mine all the gold in this newly found haven.  So if I misstate anything herein, forgive me for my lack of time to lose myself in this wonderful world.

Third, you gotta love The Pioneer Woman who describes herself as channeling "Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh and Ethel Merman" all the while homeschooling, cooking, (still) loving and lusting after her husband, living on a ranch, completely adoring children and pets (hers and others), who somehow has time to blog, watch favorite movies and TV shows, PLUS maintains her sense of humor.  Her name is Ree.  And she's my newest Hero.

Despite not yet finding all the treasures of her website, I'm in rhapsody!  I've found a fellow soul mate who loves all the things I love, and you can tell "respect" resides deep within her soul.  I don't know who does all her photography stills, but it wouldn't surprise me to find out Ree is as great with a fancy camera as she operates within her other gifts.

Although I don't live on a ranch, in my mind, living in the country is a sometime circular goal.  If you were born and raised in a rural area, you probably couldn't wait to leave and get your taste of the "big city."  As you grow up, however, you may again yearn to live in the place where your roots began.

For others, it's more of a linear goal, made with the passage of time.

As for me, I was born in Baton Rouge and while it may have boasted 250,000 or so people when I moved, it was neither rural nor big city at any remembered point during my childhood and teenage years.  I guess that middle-position birthplace has me swaying from big city to small town, like my car-buying purchases range from two-door to four-door and back again.

Still, after living some decades myself, I find my choices of residence moving farther and farther out from the big city.  My current home is in a wonderful town/city that, at the time of my original purchase of my house, was a nice place with a small-town feel and yet big-city perks.  Now it's one of the fastest growing cities in my State if not one of the top fifty/one hundred in the whole U.S.  Not sure I like the possibility of losing the coziness factor due to our population explosion.

But regardless, I treasure my space and lots of huge old oaks and evergreen bushes and the occasional wild critter coming to my back door to eat up the rest of the cat food.  I don't see the sunrises or the sunsets because of my subdivision's housing development--and the aforesaid trees--but one day, I will own my dream (and go-green) home atop the highest hill on my five acres or more, just so I can be witness to each uniquely beautiful rising and setting of the sun.

That's one of my dreams.  I love people who inspire them, such as The Pioneer Woman.  Go find yours.  THAT is the fountain of youth.

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