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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good Ole Boys, a Love Story, to Be Free Five Days Around Valentine's Day

My debut novel, Good Ole Boys (a love story), will be free the four days leading up to, and including that fifth day, Valentine's Day 2012.  I debated over this mid-month placement.  But in the end, I felt a love story should be hyped close to Valentine's Day, so that's what I did.

The publicity this affords me as a newly published novelist (my five other e-books are all nonfiction) is a boon.  And at no cost to me.  You can't beat that price.  IMO, a free fiction book that snares a happy fan should have more fiction titles to entice them.  Which means my prequel novel needs to be uploaded by February 10 or thereabouts. BTW:  the prequel is a standalone piece.  I've taken the wonderful grandfather from my debut novel and given him his own story.

As any of you know who have read my earlier posts, this is my Grand Experiment--the whole Indie-publishing route is not one single path, clearly marked and easily navigated.  There are myriad choices that each of us must make and follow to suit our unique individuality.  So what I feel good about may not be for you.  But I'll share my steps just to show you the possibilities.

Let's make one thing crystal clear:  I am ALL Indie.  I am one-hundred-percent Indie.  I will not be following in Amanda Hocking's footsteps.  Just not for me.  I applaud her and those that find what they want in publishing their books, whether traditionally or Indie.  However, I will not find what I want in the traditional publishing world because I'm spoiled in this wonderful world of Indie-publishing.

I have total control.

I have total freedom.

I have total reign over my personal publication schedule.

That's my choice.  My decision.  It works for me.

I respect what your dreams tell you to do.  For how could I possibly know what is in your heart and not yet in words?  And vice versa.

Do what works for you.

Remember to extend your emotional and verbal support with a sincere smile to your friends and family by really listening while they share their utmost yearnings.  Don't be a dream-killer, not for your own or anybody else's.  After all, every success cannot be rationally explained.  Plus I believe in dreams.  And that miracles do happen.

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