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Monday, January 16, 2012

Watch for Debut Novel, The Cycle of Ages Saga: Finders Keepers, by Fantasy Writing Team of Jeremy Hicks and Barry Hayes

Superb and seamless writing by coauthors Jeremy Hicks and Barry Hayes in The Cycle of Ages Saga:  Finders Keepers, a fantasy--their first installment of their saga and their debut novel.

As an avid reader, I am always ecstatic to find really great authors who pen fast-paced, intelligent works of literary fiction.  Well, here you go.  You’ll find all that and more in The Cycle of Ages Saga:  Finders Keepers by Hicks & Hayes.  A well-developed cast of characters--as distinct as each of us; some you’ll love, some you won’t; flawed and internally conflicted to make them fully alive--sucks you in along with the compelling story.

Plus these gifted and talented coauthors have injected throughout their plot and subplots some well-placed humor, a few rhetorical devices, with plenty of action and fight scenes to lure in the male readers, in addition to a love interest to snare the females.

The coauthors are currently seeking an agent while the book is awaiting review by a prospective publisher.

I hope to soon report an anticipated release date.  Meanwhile, read more about the coauthors below.


Jeremy Hicks spent several years as an archaeologist before teaming up with his long-time friend and coauthor, Barry Hayes, to realize a creative dream.  The Alabama-based writing team of Hicks & Hayes created an original fantasy environment known as Faltyr, wrote a screenplay (The Cycle of Ages Saga:  Finders Keepers) to introduce it and then adapted it into this novelization.  As co-owners of Broke Guys Productions, they have written three other screenplays, including the first sequel to The Cycle of Ages Saga.

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