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Friday, September 7, 2012

I Love September

I really love September.

I'm an all-out lover of summer (which doesn't officially end until 09.22.12). Comes from being a Deep South gal, I guess. I even love Dallas-area weather, with its expected 104 high temp set for today.

But tomorrow! I think our high will be 87 lovely degrees. Can't wait.

While summer is the Queen of the Seasons in my book, September may be the King of the Months.

I love it because:
  • It heralded the beginning of school way back when and I LOVED school. I guess I was a geek early in life (maybe still am--after all, I am a freelance copy editor so that makes me a bona fide grammar geek for sure).
  • I would be taking classes at the local college now if time and money permitted. Believe me, they are still on my wish list.
  • September usually beckons in the cooler weather and after too many days of unrelenting one-hundred-plus degrees here in the great state of Texas, I welcome the advent of fall.
  • Besides school starting, I have found other things starting in various Septembers over the years: such as meeting new people who evolved into really great friends--and usually while I was at another friend's wedding, which is a big new beginning, for sure. I know September doesn't automatically signal the big day like June does, but still . . . many different blessings abound this time of year.
  • We start off a cycle of celebrations (which seems to make people even nicer). First we get cooler weather even before the autumn equinox. Then Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, my son's birthday, Christmas, New Year. Have you ever noticed that the majority of the holidays fall in a cluster at the end of the year through the first quarter? If it weren't for Memorial Day and Independence Day, we would have to go a long, long time without a single holiday in the middle portion of a calendar.
I understand that fall means the trees lose their leaves and we are working our way toward the dormant winter months, but it still means rebirth to me. I guess the eternal optimist in me is bouncing forward to spring. Which is a great season too.

Anyway, just had to share this. Usually here in Texas, once Labor Day comes and goes, we don't have those 100+ days any more. Not this year apparently. But today should be THE LAST of them. Hope so. I may actually mow my yard tomorrow! But not if it is 105 out there.

Enjoy your day, everyone.

Denise Barker, author + blogger + copy editor

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