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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Story Structure to Die For by P. J. Reece

One of my CPs reminded me of this e-book which I had downloaded but not yet read. So I gulped all fifty-six pages last night. Major revelation!

The title is a foreshadowing, an overview, of the author's insights. Once read, you'll remember it too. And there is a lot of white space involved in the PDF version, so it won't even take an hour to ingest and learn.

You can look at the pieces of a good story or you can look at the sum of the parts. You can look to formula or you can look to goal.

Once incorporated, how freeing!

I recommend it for plotters and pantsters alike. Enjoy. Here's the link for a free download of P. J. Reece's wonderful e-book:


P.S. The author styles his name as "PJ Reece" without the usual periods following his initials. But for us copy editors, CMS rules. Particularly CMS 8.6 which not only requires that I put in periods, but also a space to separate each initial. Unless it was reference to the initials alone, as in "P.J." (no space in between). OR unless it was a set of three initials, like JFK or LBJ--then no spaces, no periods.

Aah (yes, this is Webster's preferred spelling), the life of a copy editor . . .

Denise Barker, author + blogger + copy editor


  1. Denise... very gratified to hear that you walked away with something useful after gulping down my small book. We never know how new ideas will be received. Stay in touch!

  2. Your book was one of those light-bulb moments for sure. Your insight made it all seem so simple. It's funny. I just finished reading another much-longer book on writing and the author mentioned that melodrama is a lack of motivation problem. And you addressed it! If we get to the heart, we find the underliers, conscious and unconscious, that drive us.

    Thanks so much for writing your book. db