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Sunday, November 25, 2012

GCB Quotes from Episode Ten (the Final), "Revelation"

Months later, I am still forlorn that the powers-that-be failed to see what I saw in this series. However, I pulled up my big girl panties and faced compiling quotes from this last and final episode of my beloved GCB. I was really enjoying the interplay between Mason and Cricket and now there is no more.

~ ~ ~
Mason Massey: I know you enjoyed our little kiss last week . . . you enjoyed that kiss way more than a happily married woman should ever enjoy a kiss with a man she barely  knows.
Cricket: So inappropriate.
Mason: So I was thinking we could take an early lunch that could easily turn into a late one.
Cricket: Not interested.
Mason: Really? Because it’s clear from your body language that you’re hungry.

Blake: It’s okay, Crick. We both have our outside interests.
Cricket: No. Uh-uh. Mason is not okay. Mason cannot be an outside interest. He’s different.

Amanda to Pastor Tudor (who just committed himself to fly to Juarez with Carlene, Cricket, Sharon and Heather): You don’t want to chow down on a big plate of crazy by yourself?

Zach (to Sharon): Trust me. I’m a car salesman (and he’s smiling too while he says this!).

Cricket: Zach! Off [the phone]! You can play Master of the Universe when we land.

Carlene: …our security detail. Now I know what you’re thinking. The Lord always protects us but a couple of big guys with guns helps make His job easier.

Gigi [to Amanda]: Don’t argue with me. I have pesos and I’m packing.
Pastor Tudor: I’ll go with you. Juarez can be dangerous.
Gigi [to Pastor]: That’s sweet, but she’s got her mama.

Amanda [to Gigi]: I’ve got a plan. I’m gonna ring the doorbell and rip him a new one. Luke lied to me. I’ve had it with men lying to me. Oh, I never got to confront my dead husband about his lies so this will feel extra good.

Sharon [ to Zach]: I want to be a Mistress to the Universe. Just like Cricket.

Blake: Not now [when Cricket kisses him in public]. 
Cricket: Uh-uh. I almost just died in the desert. From now on, EVERYTHING IS NOW.

~ ~ ~

Bye to all you wonderful actors who made this novel come alive. Gonna so miss every single one of you.

Denise Barker, author + blogger + copy editor

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