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Monday, December 10, 2012

J. D. Robb / Nora Roberts's Productivity

I wanna be like Nora Roberts when I grow up! After reading her latest December newsletter and seeing how she has at least one book coming out each month of 2013 (five are new; the rest are re-releases), I wondered about her productivity.

So, here's my ending calculations:

        1,690 Total pp for 2013 NEW RELEASES 
    582,340 Total WC for 2013 NEW RELEASES
        1,595 Daily WC or ~6.38 pp/day on new stuff

And here are the minute calculation details for anyone interested:

For 2013, Nora Roberts has 5 new books coming out per her December newsletter. Per the Official Nora Roberts Companion (aka bio), her new releases average 7/year.

Since these are new releases and I cannot hold the physical book in my hand yet, I'm estimating the page count per existing paperback books, with the exception of Chasing Fire, which is a hardback copy.

So that is the first place where my computations could err. The second place where I could be off the mark is in assigning "mainstream" or "category" to a certain release. That said, here's the skinny:
NEW: Calculation in Death (02.2013) - compared to Naked in Death (310 pp; avg. 340 WC/pg = 105,400WC)
NEW: The Witness (04.2013) - compared to Chasing Fire (HARDBACK mainstream; 470 pp; avg. 382 WC/pg = 179,540WC)

NEW: Thankless in Death (09.2013) - again compared to Naked in Death (310 pp; avg. 340 WC/pg = 105,400WC)

NEW: Mirror, Mirror (10.2013) - presumed to be category romance, compared to Sullivan's Woman (250 pp; avg. 306 WC/pg = 76,500WC)

NEW: Dark Witch (11.2013) - her new trilogy, compared with one of the books from her Keys trilogy, Key of Knowledge (350 pp; avg. 330 WC/pg = 115,500WC)
Total pages scheduled for NEW RELEASES in 2013 = 1690 pp.
Which does not compute how much she actually CREATED in 2012 (like for publication in 2012 or later for 2014, much less words deleted through revisions, tightening up her latest drafts).
Total WC scheduled for NEW RELEASES in 2013 = 582,340 WC.
WOW! MORE than half a million NEW WC released each year (or more if she truly does release 7 NEW books a year).
Nora's a workaholic and may work 7 days a week (per Companion). If so:
582,340 / 365 = 1595.452 WC/day or ~6.38 pp/day (if your computer is set up for double-spaced text with a font that yields 250WC/page)
Therefore, Nora churns out ~6.38 pages per day, every day, like clockwork. And her first drafts are pretty clean (per Companion). On a second pass, she spends time adding in action tags and description and then her third pass is spent "beautifying"--inserting her great metaphors/similes, or vice versa (per Companion). And she's done.

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