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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Servings from 10.55# of Ham Recalculated

I sliced up my 10.55# of ham into eight basically even portions of about 1/2" thick slabs, thinking I'd get approximately two servings from each bag (considering there is more fat and gristle to cut off). But I got more than two servings per bag. Here's what I used the first two bags to create:
5 Cuban Sandwiches (on a rye bread loaf larger than a sandwich loaf, keep in mind)
4 servings of ham, white bean and spinach soup (two servings left, to help with my cold)
2 servings of breakfast ham
More fat (rendered this morning to brown the ham and to cook the eggs)

Plus I simmered the ham bone for about five hours and got six cups of ham broth (mostly gelatin with a layer of fat atop). I already used one cup in the soup mentioned above and will use the rest when making casseroles (instead of canned soups, when called for) or to make a "sausage" gravy to pour over biscuits or to boil pasta in for added flavor.

So I got eleven servings of the ham from two bags (calculated as $1.18 per bag) for a real-life value of $0.22 per serving, with about 5.5 servings per bag.

Even better than I thought!

Now I'm off to work on my Nonfiction #2 Project, which I didn't get to at all yesterday, much less finish and upload, as I slept off whatever malady was attacking me.

Have a good one, y'all.

"If your vocation isn’t a vacation, then quit, leap, change careers."

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