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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

MindMup: Free Online Brainstorming/Mind-Mapping Software

Love this software. Check out MindMup.com. Even for free, it stores your mind maps up to six months in the cloud (from what I understand by a quick glimpse at the site before I started my maps). Read the website for more details.

Since my CPs aren't available much during these months with all the holidays, and since I've got a short window of downtime, this works great for me. I have barely a glimmer of an idea (not even a full-fledged one) that I'm trying to work into the perfect series for me. So my first map (as yet unfinished) is to see what viable "something" I can morph out of the nothing I currently have.

As my second mind map, I'm focusing on my all-time favorite movies. Maybe if I dissect each into the parts I really like, then I should be able to use a compilation of those integral parameters in my own book creations, right? For instance I enjoy some humor in my reading material. And of course romance, whether the primary story line or as a subplot. Plus hard-boiled forties-style detective stories, cozy mysteries and not-so-cozy ones, police procedurals, action/adventure. And that's just for the genres. Then we get into specifics, like I enjoy animals, archaeology, architecture, astronomy. And that's a partial list of some of my beloved subjects from the As.

So I see myself getting lost in MindMup for days, like I tend to do with Yummly (recipes) and Pinterest. [I'm not affiliated with any sites and receive no money for mentioning these three herein. I just find them all wonderful.]

I would think this would be a boon to all us creative types. So, if you give it a try, let me know what you think. Or, if you found one you like better, give me a shout-out.

Enjoy your playtime ...


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