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Monday, January 11, 2016

In Love with Tony Dunbar and the Tubby Dubonnet Series

I'm a little late to the party but found this extrawonderful author via a BookBub special on Lucky Man, book six of Tony Dunbar's Tubby Dubonnet series.

Wow. I'm addicted to this man's words with just one book (even read out of order).

First, I'm a Baton Rougeborn gal, with an artist's appreciation for the colorful sights and delectable smells of New Orleans. In this one book he mentioned most of my favorite Cajun foods, except for grits (with shrimp of course) and crawfish etouffee. But I forgive him.

Second and beyond, his writing is beautiful. He has fresh similes and metaphors, not a cliché in the bunch. I actually read his descriptions instead of skimming over them. They are a subject matter to be studied by any author intent on self-improvement. I liked his skillful overlapping of plotlines, even to the point where he surprised me with one or two of them.

And this author has great insights into human nature, while pointing out Tubby's shortcomings with humor.

The plot sped along, with twists and turns and tidbits to keep me very enthralled and entertained. The story touched upon the many facets of Tubby's life: his ex-wife, his three daughters, his secretary, his friends, his work, his needling and as-yet-to-be-determined unsatisfaction at this time, his sobriety. It felt so real reading this tale that I expect to visit New Orleans, eating my way through food I miss so much, hearing the sweet sounds of the lovely Cajun/Creole accents, to find Tubby sitting beside me, drinking ginger ale.

I'll be reading and rereading Tony Dunbar's works for the rest of my days, both to pull me into his novels and to study his art.

What a find.

I feel lucky. I'm one lucky woman. (Pun intended.)

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