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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Define Who YOU Are

Building upon my last post, defining your measure of success, with my first ever blog on "I AM," I am blending the two here to focus on you.  Who we are at the core.  Take some real, uninterrupted time for this.  If you were to interview for a job, what three adjectives would best describe you to an interested employer?  Repeat this for an interested soul mate.  For your favorite sport, pastime, hobby.  For your circle of friends, close family members.  For your charities you support.  Get a rounded picture of this unique individual called you

Like the morning pages exercise any author would recognize, I recommend establishing a morning habit of reminding yourself of your good qualities.  Begin your waking day with "I am" thoughts.  Such as, I am blessed to be alive, healthy, of sound mind and body.  Make three your goal each day.  Even better, make three DIFFERENT ones your goal each day for a month.

I happen to believe that "I am" statements invoke the cooperation of God.  No matter your religious stance, a practical view of derogatory statements would seem to produce depression, self-denigration, failure.  So choose uplifting and encouraging statements and thoughts instead.  ESPECIALLY when speaking of yourself.  Such a foundation of self leads to thinking well of others--for you cannot give what you do not have.

Give yourself the gift of YOU.

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