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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Midyear Resolution

I am an author with currently three nonfiction e-books offered via both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Yet I consider myself a novelist first.

So here is my July 5 midyear resolution.  I have two novels written to The End.  However, both need a deep-down final edit.  Courtesy of Margie Lawson's Deep EDITS (trademarked) system, I have about forty-two things to review in each book before either are uploaded for sale.  To accommodate all that, and wanting one novel available online by my birthday in November as my gift to myself, I chose the shorter story to do my first-ever Deep EDITS "practice" run. 

Since my selected novel is a little over two hundred pages and I have almost five full months until my self-imposed deadline, I have apportioned fifty pages to each of the first four months, with the fifth and final month for a final read-through and time set aside for choosing my cover art and uploading all.  That works out to approximately two pages a day for July through October.  That is doable.  Even with my crazy sixty-five-to-eighty-five-hour workweek, that is doable.  If I miss one day, no biggie.  I can allot four pages to the next day.  This is an armadillo I can chew bit by bit.

What midyear resolutions are you willing to commit to?

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