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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kindle Boards Book Profile Tips

Kindle Boards--or KindleBoards--not sure which is more correct as I see both versions online, but anyway, it will be KB from now on.

KB has a Book Profile set up for each of your books, did you know that?  It needs some tweaking though, like the addition of genre (from a drop-down menu), KB thread, author bio, plus room for additional notes from the author in two sections and a place for your website.

I have four nonfiction e-books uploaded to Amazon, three of them on Barnes & Noble--will get that newest e-book uploaded soon.  With each new creation, I post a link on the KB Book Bazaar.  Once the moderator replies, I am good to go with future steps within the KB.  Like having my books added to the KB Master List.  There are two versions, one all-inclusive alphabetical by each author's FIRST name and one by genre.

NOTE:  You must be active with your KB Book Bazaar postings (weekly when no viewer replies).

So, how do you do the Book Profile update, you ask?  See http://www.kindleboards.com/index.php/topic,40577.0.html, which is Administrator Harvey's topic posting within the KB Writers' Cafe along with some extra tips by (extremely patient) Jeff, officiating over the Master Lists.  But here it is encapsulated for you below.

To see the initial draft of the Book Profile for your book, just use the following URL, and replace those Xs with your book's ASIN.


For the ASINs, go to your Bookshelf within Amazon's website.  [There may be a quicker way than my way, but this is one way to get to it:  Click on any thumbnail book of yours within Amazon, and scroll down to Product Details.  ASINs/ISBNs are there for each book.  Make note of all of yours.]

Once you have brought up the KB Book Profile, go all the way down to the far right-hand corner and click on Author Control Panel to update this initial Book Profile.  Then check all the fields and start inputting info.

If you have multiple offerings like me, this gets more confusing.  So I created a Word document and listed each ASIN/ISBN, each KB feed, a very shortened Bio (only like ~268 characters allowed), an intro of sorts that listed all my other books except for the one being featured on its particular Book Profile page, and a second part to the intro that states my blog spot serves as my website.

The more confusing part comes in when you try to post your saved version of your intro (part one) and notice that the book being profiled is in your "see also" sentence when you should have swapped it out for the title of the earlier Book Profile you just finished.  I said it was confusing.

You are only allowed so many characters in your intro section one and two, as well, so be sure to preview your work for each Book Profile page or you will have your readers wondering what came after QUO....

There are other sections, like three other places where your book can be found and many more, so check them out to see if they are useful for your particular situation.

You must be the author or his/her representative to make these changes.  To prove that, there is an email address to fill in near the bottom of the profile page, along with your password.  I made things even messier by having my first three e-books under one email address and password, and the fourth e-book, added much later, under another email address and password.  Not good for someone with too much data overloading her memory cells.

Again, I am passing this along to be helpful to you all, and to me when I next upload an e-book and have need for all these fresh details after the passage of time has buried them in my brain.

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