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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Should Live More By Our Gut Feelings

I'm doing that more and more.  Living by my gut feeling.  I must forewarn you, though, people who are more "rational" will question you.  Heck, people who are more "emotional" will question you--well, more likely manipulate, control, try to get you to feel guilty, yada yada yada.

Don't let them.

Don't let you, ether.

I mean it.  I've been guilty of talking myself out of stuff without needing anybody else's notions added to the mix.  And what did I miss by not even trying?

I've read numerous times in a variety of places that we will regret more of what we DIDN'T do than what we did.  Also, I'm reminded of a statement I believe author Marianne Williamson made regarding a chapter in one of her books.  She hesitated putting it into this book, but did and had more positive comments and feedback on that particular chapter.  It entailed clearing out a drawer in your office to bring in customers (and money).

The Bible talks about us waiting to feel peace about a decision before we sally forth.  I definitely believe in that and follow it ninety-nine times out of one hundred.

But living by my gut?  Takes more courage whereas the "waiting for peace" part just takes more patience.

Regardless, I'm going the "riskier" route.  Believe me, you will not, dare I say never, find me bungee jumping, participating in NASCAR, parachuting from a reliable aircraft, running with the bulls, repelling mountains or skyscrapers or any other such extreme sport, especially those that involve heights.  I'm not talking about risks of that nature.  I'm talking about overruling my mind and the status quo (and what some people may expect me to do) with my gut and my intuition.

Want to join me?

P.S. One of my readers made an excellent point.  When you live by your intuition, you should not choose something unlawful, or that hurts anyone, including yourself.  No selfish acts allowed.  Just to be clear here.

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