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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Received My Income Tax Refund

For those of you who mailed in your income tax paperwork yet wanted a direct deposit to your checking, take note I received my refund today.  My documents were mailed 02.07.2012 at my local post office before the last scheduled pickup for the day with sufficient postage attached.  My IRS office within my state probably received my envelope marked "refund due" the following day on 02.08.2012.

And here it is, 02.28.2012, and my bank has the funds!  I cannot e-file with my self-employed author earnings constituting part of my home business (along with my freelancing).  So even without e-filing, the whole process evolved for me within twenty-two days' time.  Not bad.

Hope y'all have received yours by now as well.

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