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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day Thirty-Five

Day thirty-five without sugar. Well, except for those oopsies. Did you know that some brands of bacon are cured with salt and sugar? Not the maple syrup kind but the hickory smoke version? I guess I was thinking meat was carbless, regardless of its form. My deli black forest ham has less than 2 percent dextrose (sugar) in it. The turkey smoked sausage in my freezer has corn syrup in it which accounts for the less than one gram of sugar on the label. Those are now on my verboten list. Not forever but certainly not for right now.

So that explains why my weight was stalled as I went into a heavy meat-eating mode, mostly pork as you can see, over the last week or so. Plus I did try having popcorn a few times. That didn't help either. At least I didn't gain weight while in this mode.

Well, lesson learned and my scale is no longer stopped for a long layover but is now moving downward once more. And today I heated up my kitcheneven though the Dallas area has had over one-hundred-degree tempsbut it was for a good cause: to roast beef and veggies. After this sating of my roast beef craving, I'll stick to chicken, fish, salmon, tuna.

I do love the colorful plates of food that come with this new eating lifestyle. My hot slice of roast beef is atop a bed of arugula to wilt it just a bit. Then the red, yellow and orange bell peppers roasted among mushrooms, bok choy and onions are just as beautiful as well as tasty. I bought fourteen bell peppers off the reduced rack for four dollars this morning at my grocery store. Three I set aside to have raw. They were still in good shape if I eat them soon.

I bought cheese thinking its fat would be better for me than the pork fat mentioned above. I love the Ilchester British golden applewood cheese. It's like a soft cheddar but the flavor is amped. Just amazing. And zero carbs and no hidden sugars. This is an experiment to see if it stops my weight loss. I'll let you know.

Also I got some fresh mozzarella on sale. Love it for caprese salads (slices tomatoes, sliced mozzarella, fresh basil leaves and all drizzled with EVOO). Again, no carbs and no hidden sugars.

Otherwise my diet remains largely the same: mostly (1) unbreaded (whole not ground) meats and (2) nonstarchy veggies. My daily staples are mint green tea (going through almost a gallon a day), avocados (sliced raw or in guacamole), tomatoes (alone or topped with tuna and EVOO and sliced green onions), nuts/seeds (pecans, almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds) and a raw bell pepper or two. Off and on I go through an egg phase (deviled with no mayo but EVOO or scrambled).

I am looking forward to having some cheese as a snack later today, probably with a raw bell pepper. If I can handle that addition to my daily selection over the next couple weeks while still dropping weight, I may add in a few berries come August 25.

It's all a work in progress. And we each have our little individual quirks that we have to cater to when dealing with our bodies. I'm finding out mine. Like eggs are okay for me, but I should watch out for pork (and I love bacon). Oh, well. Better to have it occasionally and be at my perfect-for-me weight than to sabotage my health.

Here's to better health for all.

Denise Barker, author + blogger + copy editor

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