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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm Eating Cheese and Still Losing Weight

Yes, technically I've only eaten cheese for two days (after about thirty-five days without), but on this morning of the third day, my scale confirmed I'd lost a couple more pounds.


I can find so many ways to add cheese to my day. Just be sure to read the labels and stick to generally the zero-carb versions, adding in the one-carb types mindfully. And remember that fat satiates; therefore, your body will tell you when to stop eating cheese.

So here are examples of my cheese indulgences. Of course, my fave applewood cheese stands alone as a snack.  Add a pinch or two of any cheese (don't go heavy-handed here) into omelets. If the cheese is soft enough to spread, fill some celery stalks and get the added benefit of fiber. I mentioned yesterday my affinity for caprese salads. Top with fresh basil. Yum!

Today chicken parmesan is on my menu (but without the bread crumbs in the crust). I plan to plate it on a bed of arugula.

I'm also craving my ex-MIL's homemade pimento cheese, stuffed in celery. But I will need to make my own mayo. The prepared kinds have soybean oil (my body cannot tolerate soy) and the addition of HFCS. I may search for a mayo recipe later today.

Granted I'm only on day three adding cheese back into my diet but have noticed no side effects. Since I've never experienced constipation, I have no worries about that. I am watching for nasal congestion overnight and for any dreaded MSG reactions (which are harsh and happen within thirty minutes for me), as both were present before and I had linked them with dairy (most likely half-and-half and cream for my coffee).

When I have ingested cheese over a week or two with no bad results like mentioned above, I may add in organic half-and-half or cream again for my coffee to avoid those awful MSG reactions.

Note also that I am not purchasing organic cheeses, although my favorite applewood cheese comes from England and, in my mind, with the UK's higher food standards, makes it a better candidate over an American brand. Just my opinion here.

I hope my trials and experiments help someone else out there to better define their lifestyle eating habits.

Denise Barker, author + blogger + copy editor

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