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Saturday, December 31, 2011

For Me, It Is Indie All the Way - P.S.

One thing I was surprised to hear about was the shelf life for paperback books.  One month.  Or less.  Hardly time to gather a readership for a new name on a book cover.  I don't begin to understand this aspect of traditional publishing.  From what I gather, the books are "remaindered"--their covers torn off and returned to the publisher.  What a waste!

Just another great side effect of going Indie.  Those e-books have an infinite shelf life.  What I upload this month, should be generating more sales as all twelve months of 2012 tick off the calendar.

I do have plans to publish paperback versions of my e-books down the road.  At this point, CreateSpace within Amazon would be the first place I'll investigate.  When I'm more actively pursuing that avenue, I'll have more to share.

Plus audio books.  I definitely am interested in that medium as I particularly like them while I'm spring cleaning.  Since I'm totally in author-plus-freelancer mode again these last couple months (and beyond), I'm not in my car or that would be a great use of driving time as well.  Still, this is on my horizon for later.

For me, there is no downside to Indie as I love all the myriad creativity involved.  I'm 100% Indie.  But you can be 50% Indie if you want, too.

Isn't it great?  We have options.  There is freedom in having choices.

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