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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Who Would You Be If You Could Choose?

You can.  You can choose to be you.  The best, the fullest, the "uniquely qualified to be you" version of YOU.

I ran across a quote today by someone I had yet to hear of, Nido Qubein, a motivational speaker.  Here it is:  "What if you could be anything, or anybody, you chose to be?  Think about it.  What would you choose to be?"

To me, the answer lies in my first paragraph.  But let's address the other part of the quote that asked if you could be anybody, who would you choose?  I'd never want to be anybody else.  It's just too scary what might be in their closet, you know?  Their life may look all rosy and perfect and Norman Rockwellian, but what if there is some deep dark family secret they are harboring?  What if there's a stalker in their past, or some addiction in their present?

What about Jackie O?  The glamorous clothes, being First Lady, having a philandering husband who was assassinated before her very eyes.  Or Marilyn Monroe.  Beautiful, beloved, yet never realizing it and cutting her life so very short.  Even Mother Theresa.  Look at all the great work she accomplished.  But I'm not cut out to live in that extreme state of lacking.  To see all that raw need.  I'd be crying all the time and unable to do any good for anybody, me included.

Plus what if you chose someone, say Christopher Reeve, before that eventful day of the horse ride?

Nope.  No way would I change places in toto with anybody on the planet.  Not even Nora Roberts, whose life mirrors a lot of what I want in my own.

No, I would keep my "ordinary" life over anybody else's "extraordinary" life.

Now, maybe, just maybe, I would take one thing here and one thing there and ADD them to my life.  Even so, if I were required to EXCHANGE their one thing for one out of my life, the answer is still NO.

My life isn't "there" yet, not where I have set my sights.  But still, all in all, my life is pretty perfect as is.

And if you gauged your life--the whole of it--against another's, you may see the greatness you already have.

Never overlook your own greatness, or the potential for it.

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