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Sunday, October 14, 2012

C. C. MacKenzie is Famous in Sweden

C. C. MacKenzie is a fellow author although across the pond--living in England but born in Scotland (forgive me, C.C., if I have this wrong). I met her on a shared online writing community and she is "a hoot and a half" as we say here in Texas.

Anyway, her latest post is a happy tearjerker (all of hers showcase her wicked sense of humor) and I just have to share it with authors everywhere. For in this one, C.C. finds out she is famous for the first time.

What a thrill!

I look forward to my own such experience.

Plus, as I said in my comment to her post, her life is just way more interesting than mine on a daily basis. So I live vicariously through her. And my book characters.

Here's C.C.'s link:


P.S. Copy editor disclaimer here: Per CMS16 Rule 8.4, periods follow initials representing names with a space in between, unless the initials are used without a last name--then periods remain, but no space is needed in the middle of the two. Note that C.C.'s covers and blog posts reflect no punctuation for her use of "CC" and I think that is her particular preference. Were it not for the two huge publishers I freelance for and our strict adherence to The Chicago Manual of Style and this public forum, I would go along with her preferred spelling.

Denise Barker, author + blogger + copy editor

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