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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How Do You Prepare for NaNoWriMo?

Today, October 17, 2012, is NaNo Prep day. I plan to peek at Twitter and see the many #nanoprep tips and find my particular favorites. But I could also get lost in that fun for hours, so...we'll see about that.

For me, a pantster, I like outlining scenes, from as little as thirty to the hoped-for eighty.

However, I need a clean space to work in, too. I had hoped to get to that pre-NaNo this year, but I've been fighting a bug for the last six/seven days which has severely cut into my house-cleaning time.

Then the use of Crock-Pot meals is perfect. Not only does it make the house smell great, but it keeps the food hot no matter when I stop to eat.

Last year, and again this time, I have no plot idea. But I've been gathering ideas from wherever and placing them in my Brainstorming/Mind-Mapping folder. Hopefully I'll get a story for a full-fledged novel out of those tidbits.

Have you ever done that writing exercise where you are given three words (or five or whatever), and you have to tell a story with X amount of words using those given ones too? Well, I'm hoping my folder will help me focus on the best of the best which I need to get me started on a really good tale.

My past ideas have come from a single thought that traipsed across my mind, from a magazine ad photo, from real life crimes, from a nameless face that spoke to me, even from philosophical questions such as why we are all here.

So take what interests you, what you really launch into when talking about, and see what gem hides beneath that curiosity which you can develop into 50K WC.

Good luck, NaNoWriMo authors!

Denise Barker, author + blogger + copy editor

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