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Saturday, October 6, 2012

SEO Tips

First, a disclaimer. Marketing is not my bailiwick. Just so you know.

But today I had a light bulb moment, so I'm here to share it with you.

In my descriptive blurb for my debut novel, I had focused on the content, relaying the right atmosphere and showcasing my tagline.

But I didn't bother to match it to Amazon's current popular tags. Which I did just minutes ago.

Across from Tags Customers Associate with this Product (about three screenfuls down on your item page), you'll see a clickable title on the right called See Most Popular Tags. The most recent appear darker. The most frequent are larger. So when they are both large and dark, Bingo!

Anyway, I took my newfound discovery and picked out the tags that applied to Good Ole Boys. I added "Kindle" and "Kindle Book" as more generic but favored tags. Then I had my list of about ten key words and looked for them in my description.

And found ONE. Now it was repeated about three times, but still . . . no go.

So I inserted five of my respective tags taken from the most popular and recent Amazon cloud and found places for them within my description. I read somewhere that the SEO looks for key words repeated within our tags, our description, even our titles.

So while my title, author name and main characters' names do not show up within Amazon's favorite tags cloud, I do have them repeated within my description, to match my tags, to match my title.

And now that Amazon has our Author Pages available on Kindle, maybe I should review mine and see about key word placement there as well. Oh and don't forget to visit the AuthorCentral.Amazon.com.UK/ and its other foreign forums.

So I'm off to do that before the thoughts-and-ideas thief steals mine away. Enjoy your Saturday, all! I'm relishing fifty-degree weather here and now in the DFW metroplex.

Denise Barker, author + blogger + copy editor