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Monday, December 16, 2013

A US Copy Editor's Perspective: Tips Regarding e.g., i.e., etc.

Here are some quick tips on when and how to use e.g. or i.e.

First, e.g. means "for example" and i.e. means "that is." Second, a comma follows each. Third, both are normally used within a pair of parentheses, per 16CMS 6.43.

Here are examples of both:

There are many varieties of apples (e.g., Pink Lady, Red Delicious, to name two).
The patient was flatlining (i.e., registering no brain waves or heartbeat).

As for tips regarding etc., first, it is the abbreviated form of et cetera and means "and so forth." Second, it needs a pair of commas, unless it ends a sentence. Third, Chicago prefers that it be avoided in formal prose and that it be used also in parentheses, per 16CMS 6.20.

And here are two examples of its usage:

There are many varieties of apples (such as Red Delicious, Pink Lady, etc.).
Prepare your pie filling (slicing your apples, whether Red Delicious, Pink Lady, etc., or other fruits, such as pears or peaches).

Hope that helps.

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