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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bob Mayer's Blog

I'm a fan of Bob Mayer's blog, Write It Forward, but today's is gonna be a long-time favorite.  I've added it to my Favs list on the right-hand panel here on my blog, as well.  It is entitled "The Real Gatekeepers in Publishing Now?  Authors"--about how we control our own destiny.  About writing good books.  About getting the word out.  About backlists--which just means, continue to write.

There is a great quote that sums up the "just write" mentality.  Here it is, courtesy of Annie Dillard.

"How we live our DAYS is how we live our LIVES."  [emphasis mine]

So write daily.  Consistently.  Persistently.  Don't let the devil on your shoulder tell you that one page isn't worth it.  That fifteen minutes spent writing doesn't add up to a novel one year later.  Keep at it.  Build up your backlist day-by-day.

Keep writing.

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