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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Word Dynamo at Dictionary.com

If, like me, you are a logophil (I know; looks weird without the E at the end, but this is the preferred spelling per Web11) or maybe a lexicographer or an author with a lust for the etymology and meaning of words, then check out Dictionary.com, specifically the Word Dynamo section.  It's a word game and you are besting yourself.  My first test scored me as knowing 45,517 words, which put me in the next-down-from-the-topmost section.  After each test you take, you will be credited with more words to your knowledge.  Somewhere amid all my test results, and after the addition of 382 more words, I came out in the highest tier, Dynamo Level.  Wahoo!

It is great entertainment and there are many sections (by topics) you can choose to peruse.  So I have more fun wordplay to look forward to.

For anyone who loves word games, brain teasers or the like, this could be for you.  Enjoy!

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