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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Law of Expansion and Law of Compound Interest

No, this post is not about finances.  But it is about our lives and what we get in them.

I have been close, in family or at work or with friends, to several people who were fighting with cancer.  In each and every instance, the core personality of that individual was amped up.  If selfish, they became uberselfish.  If kind and giving, they were more so.  If self-contained, they withdrew further.  If "poor me, woe is me," then they hunkered way down into their victim mentality.

There are two sayings which, paraphrased here, go something like this:  You see the real manner of a man when you put him in the depths of despair or in the heights of power.

I find that to be true.

So, use these Laws, of Expansion and of Compound Interest, by thinking the best, acting out of love for yourself (don't be a doormat) and your innate love will spill over to love of others.  I believe cell memory holds onto our thoughts and the good ones produce health while the bad produce disease.  It is your choice.

Oh, and one final note:  When these people had cancer, the first noticeable symptom was bad breath that would not go away no matter what mouthwash, what toothpaste, what superficial device was used.  And that makes sense since their bodies were trying to throw off this toxic pollution from deep within.   

Here's to everyone's health and well-being.  Take good care of you.

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