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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

David Farland to Guest Blog

David Farland, the fantasy author, aka David Wolverton, the sci-fi author, will be guest blogging here sometime in late September, early October (to be announced later).  No matter the exact date, Dave is always welcome. 

He is known for his Runelords series and the Scions of the Earth series, as well as his books entitled Of Mice and Magic and In the Company of Angels.  See DavidFarland.net for more info about the man and his many books.

I first “met” him probably four years ago when I signed up for his free Kick Me newsletter—where he became my mentor and teacher regarding being an author and all that it entails.  As I’ve stated in an earlier blog, it has been like taking a great all-encompassing writing class from him for the last several years.  Thank you so much for all you have given me.

Dave has started a publishing company, East India Press, and Nightingale will soon be released in enhanced book format.  It is exciting to see what this author, screenwriter, game creator and otherwise creative entity can come up with.  Check out his publishing website at www.EastIndiaPress.com.  The graphics alone are beautiful.  But the rest of this site will expand your mind into the new realm of publishing.

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