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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Freebie Campaign P.S.

In an earlier post re the inclusion of my debut novel Good Ole Boys within the Kindle Select program, I raised a question about whether my "sales" counted during my "Five Days Free" around Valentine's Day garnered any sharing of the February Funds.  For other Indie authors, here's the answer as found within Amazon's online site.

If you choose to use any of the five "free" days within the Amazon Select Lending Library program, then all those author giveaways do not take part in any of the month's dollar allocations, just as I thought.  That splitting of the pot is based solely on those reader selections within Kindle Select only, choosing your book as their one for that month.  Not when the author goes "freebie" for any of those five days.

It is now clear within the Amazon Reports section for us authors as designated by the two new headings:  "Free Units-Promo" and "Free Units-Price Match" with explanatory footnotes to distinguish the two.

(Author) Promo = no price match.  (Reader) Select = price match. 

Good luck to all you Select authors.  Read my earlier posts on the rush and high of the whole ride.

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