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Friday, March 23, 2012

Thai Coconut Milk in My Coffee (Today)

I may have a milk allergy.  On three different occasions, incredibly itchy eyes were the main, irritating symptom, which calmed down fairly quickly and was gone in a couple hours as long as I was drinking tons of water.  So I'm living without cream in my coffee since yesterday, and plan to do so for a week.  If you can call that "living." 

Anyway . . .my powdered nondairy creamer container is confusing me.  First, it states "non-diary" on the front (and is incorrectly spelled per Webster's 11th Edition), but yet confirms "CONTAINS MILK, SOY" under the ingredients.  Hence my confusion.

Besides, I. WANT. CREAM.

Okay then.  To head off any potential cream-withdrawal angst fermenting into something even less pleasant, I decided to seek for a substitute.  Previously tried almond milk which was okay but I'm presently out, then those individual bottles of coconut milk, which are too watery for use in my java. 

Therefore, I searched my pantry and found a can of Thai coconut milk, which was solid--Great!--so I just allowed it to melt in my coffee.

Now, granted, the blend isn't as honey blond as I like my coffee with the real thing--and there is definitely a flavor of coconut coming through which is nice; however, I prefer the more savory flavor of full-fat heavy whipping cream--but this will do in the interim.

I'm sincerely hoping I don't have a milk allergy because that covers other things I really, really, really like, such as ice cream, cheese, half-and-half, berries and cream . . . can you see the potential problem? 

I can.

Here's hoping after a week off the cream, I'm miraculously cured and can return to my regularly scheduled eating habits.  I think I could even be encouraged to give up some cheese servings to have the cream back in my coffee.

Ha!  I'll let you know.

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