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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Read Any Good Books Lately?

I have.  Two.  Yesterday.  Having finished one copyediting job and awaiting the next, I had some time to myself.  I should have been formatting my debut novel, Good Ole Boys, for Nook but for whatever blasted reason, the last ninety pages are giving me unexplained and as-yet-uncorrectable problems.  The first one-hundred-forty pages contained few formatting snafus, easily fixed.  Anyway, I set aside all that and decided I needed to escape into someone else's book--preferably someplace with laughter.

So I read (first) A Tale of Two 3 Witches by Christiana Miller and Barbra Annino. I loved the quirky cast who came to life really fast and the lighthearted tale.  This is a shorter read, taking less than two hours which is great for even 9-to-5ers who get home at 7ish, eat dinner and can finish this funny paranormal tale instead of watching TV, getting to bed before midnight.  I will definitely read other offerings from these two entertaining authors.

Making full use of my downtime, I read another.  This next one was longer, taking five to six hours to read and I read it nonstop until 2:00 a.m. this morning.  The book was Pink Slipper, "a Fun, Flirty Novel" by Gina Robinson.  The tag line says it all.  Plus I would add that I laughed out loud in three places, which is not usual for me.  The whole idea of Leesa, our main character, looking for a job was rather current, useful info for these days, huh?  The author's writing style was witty with graceful turns of metaphors.  Loved her voice and must read more of her.

IMO, both of these books would garner a PG rating, with very little violence in the first and none in the second.  So a wide audience range could enjoy each.

Happy reading, all! 

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