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Monday, March 26, 2012

Three Purposes for Used Softener Sheets

I'm five years into my second career, but still on a very strict budget.  Here's some tips I'd like to share with others on reusing softener sheets.

1.  Use them to tie up your trash bags, especially if you are like me and using plastic grocery bags in lieu of purchasing trash can liners.  Yes, I have my own cloth grocery bags that I don't use often enough.  But I still need something to line my garbage cans to avoid having to clean each daily.  Yuck!  Plus, I find if our refuse isn't bagged up before placing in the city-approved cans, that single pieces of someone else's rubbish ends up in my yard.  Double yuck.

2.  Use them to wipe up floor spills.  I'm loving my washable microfiber towels instead of the paper ones.  But sometimes you just need a Bounty.  Like for draining bacon.  Like for wiping gunk off your floors.  Like for cleaning grease splatters from your stove top.

3.  Use them to stuff a pillow, whether new or old, or to make that longed-for quilt.  I envision my squares of used softener sheets as a substitute for the one-piece batting.

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