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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pinterest, Day Two

My Pinterest site (DeniseABarker) is still under construction with more empty boards than not.  Still, I woke up today, checked my emails and found two from Pinterest showing how twenty-three people liked my one and only quote picture.  Amazing!  No "likes" but interest still.  Now that is some fast social media that I did not have with FB, Twitter or my blog (which may be user-related).  Yet I know people read my Tweets and my blogs.  There was just no empirical data like I'm getting from Pinterest.  Very cool.

On my blog, I have a counter for visits but I'm wary about its accuracy because it seems to jump in threes.  Maybe that's the way it is setup--to change the count after each third visit?  I have no clue.

But with Pinterest, I'm seeing fellow pinners' names attached to these people who viewed my quote and loved it as I do.

Can you tell I'm an addict early on to Pinterest?

The only "drawbacks" for me in using Pinterest is that I'm word-based:  an author, a quote collector, a recipe hound.  So, for example, I'm having trouble getting my blog visualized to attach to a board.  My sidebar includes the cover to my debut novel and my NaNoWriMo 2011 Winner emblem, yet that doesn't seem to work in the pinning part.  I'm sure it is the human's error and I'll figure out how to circumvent my own lack of information, maybe with pictures embedded in my posts.  We'll see how that works out.  I'll report later.

And with tons of textual quotes, I would have to picture-fy them (do I sound like Mal from Firefly?) to pin them to my boards.  Again, I'll share when I have lift off.

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