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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DOWN SOUTH, a short story of romance and suspense

My short story, Down South, its tagline "Home is a feeling, not a place," is alive and well on Amazon, B&N and Smashwords--soon to be at Kobo. At about fifty pages long, my little $0.99 tale will amuse you for sixty minutes or so--whereas most movies nowadays are only ninety minutes long and the early-bird moviegoer's fare is $5.00--five times more than the cost of my e-book and lasts almost as long.  Plus you can read in the comfort of your home at your timing. And reread, if you so desire.

Don't get me wrong. I love watching movies in theaters. And one day, hopefully soon, I'll reward myself for all my hard work paying off by resuming that weekly treat. Just not yet.

This week I'm celebrating a great big thumbs-up to overcoming procrastination.  This short story, under various working titles, was birthed on paper eleven or so years ago.

ELEVEN years it nagged me to spend some time with it, finesse it, groom it.

Which I did, some hours being more fruitful than others.  Still, on the Fourth of July, this year, magic hit.  In the same eight hours some people would spend in a cubicle, I smoothed my short story--at home--into its presentable online version. On a national holiday even.

Yes, timing counts.  But I think my prior efforts were still much-needed stepping stones to lead me to that perfect timing on the Fourth.

Lately various events have motivated me.  Nora Ephron's death. The John Assaraf Procrastination video (see post below). The stark realization that I left my short story in limbo for over a decade.

So, now I have two other "finished" novels--one category, one mainstream.  The first 23 chapters and 285 pages.  The second 35 chapters and 392 pages.

But averaging basically short chapters of around ten pages each.

After today (it is sort of a day off), I plan to spend an hour or two Final Editing one chapter a day.  With no glitches, both books would be finished in fifty-eight days.  But then there are covers to consider and create.  Formatting, uploading. And life. And glitches.  So I'll be happy to have these two projects live online in three months. Or four.

Granted, with my short story, I needed the Internet and Amazon/B&N/Smashwords etc. and Indie publishing to all meet. And there is nothing wrong with having a backlist of already written fiction.  But I did need to tweak my ratio of "finished" to "published."

I'm happy to report I am handling that better now.

As always, take what resonates, toss the rest and keep on writing!

Denise Barker, author + blogger +
Freelance Copy Editor, http://bit.ly/freelanceCE
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