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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Further Update on J. J. Virgin Elimination Diet

Lost another couple pounds this week--hooray!  I owe it to adding fiber-rich beans to at least one of my meals in a day.  The other trick may have been eating cottage cheese.  With a hectic schedule, it is a boon.

I have found eating dairy gives me a stopped-up nose during the night, causing me to sleep with my mouth open and wake up with the temporary sore throat and dry mouth because of all that.  I can still have some dairy, but it needs to be minimal amounts.  I choose between cheese on my meatless taco salad (with garbanzos) or cream in my coffee, for instance.  The taco salad is good even without the cheese.

On the coffee note, I can still have my cold coffee drink first thing in the morning using up yesterday's leftover brew.  I cannot find unsweetened Coconut Creme in my local markets, but I dilute it with unsweetened Almond milk--with a ratio usually a little heavier on the CC side than the AM portion, say three-fifths CC to two-fifths AM.  Just to get it to that certain caramel-like coloring.  I have a particular glass I drink it from so the proportions work when I fill in the rest with yesterday's coffee and add ice.

I even have a couple cups of hot coffee with one scant teaspoon of real cream in it.

So I'm happy.  But the elimination diet version you will need is as different as you and I are.  So experiment.

I am avoiding processed foods as much as possible as well as white foods--although I think rice is exempt.  I prefer Jasmine and had it a couple times this week with my Crock-Pot chicken dish and still saw the old numbers on the scale go down.

But it is a balancing act and a substitution process--taking out the bad carbs and replacing with the good.  For example, if I am craving old-fashioned potato chips, I can usually talk myself out of it with either ten-to-twelve smoked almonds or a whole avocado.  If it is sweets that I'm craving, I look first to a drink:  adding Stevia to my coffee or brewing some mint tea with honey or having some of the uberperfect Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea & Herb Blend just as is--no sugar needed, but I do add in an extra tea bag to make it good and strong and sweeter.

If I need something sugary-tasting to chew, I can have old-fashioned oatmeal with real maple syrup or a tablespoon of almond butter mixed with a little bit of honey.  Or I indulge in raw dark-chocolate chunks where one equals a carb and I can enjoy three to five.

I now automatically rethink dessert recipes to take out the crust for fruit pies and cobblers and such, doing without the pastry altogether or adding an oatmeal-based crumble along with almond flour and Stevia.

And the best part is:  It's working!

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