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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

God Has Something Better Planned

Long ago, I knew this wise woman who would let her young preteen children mope around for two days max when things didn't go their way--like not being invited to the party all the popular kids were going to, for example--but then they had to regroup and get on with their lives.  She was a babysitter for my infant son and I still like her outlook. For whatever age group we have become.

Yes, bemoan what looks like a great opportunity lost or missed.

But also remember:  God may have something even greater planned in the wings.  Waiting.

Do you think you'd see that opportunity if you were depressed, playing woe-is-me with yourself and others?  Probably not.

So, yes, share your initial disappointment.  But remember the old adage about a door shutting and yet a window pops open.  Watch for that window.

I'm reminded of a quote which I'll paraphrase here instead of looking for it and getting further sidetracked.  Essentially it states that your mind is enlarged with new information and can never shrink back to the previous unenlightened state.

That's where I am.  My view was enlarged with the possibility.  This particular opp may have passed me by, but my mind, my thoughts, my expectations are bigger for having run across it. So I still carry the grandness of it in my heart, mind and soul. It is on my radar.  My senses will seek it still.

One chance sidestepped me.  Is there only one such happening in the whole universe? Heavens, no.

So . . . Never give up hope . . . Ten years from now as you glance back a decade, you'll know more about the circumstances and why things went the way they did.  Hang tough.  Keep the faith. Hold fast to your dreams.

Denise Barker, author + blogger +
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  1. Great post, Denise! I've found that God usually has something much better in store when something doesn't go exactly my way. I've come to understand there is a reason why something didn't happen and I'm on the lookout for that window. :-)

  2. SO very true, Rhonda. And my window already opened . . . that very day. WOW! Even I am surprised.