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Friday, July 20, 2012


Happiness. We all seek it. It is written into our Declaration of Independence. And my heart just melts--no matter how often I watch the movie--when Hub asks Walter in the cornfield if he is happy (Secondhand Lions, 2003).

I started reading a great article just this week about happiness and the writer had me with his premise in the opening paragraph.  Then I was interrupted, otherwise distracted, and have yet to finish it. (Note to self:  find, read in full.)

But the gist of it was this: Better to focus on what we find interesting.

I agree.

Foremost because it personalizes the term. Thereafter because happiness is ephemeral and ethereal. Undefined as to our ever-changing particulars.

As authors and as individuals with goals to attain, we need to use concrete nouns. "Car" will not place in your reader's mind or your own garage either Mooch's yellow Corvette or Stephanie's repoed red Miata from One for the Money.

Be clear.

An abstract like "happiness" you cannot hold in your hand. But "read fifty classics this year" is not only a time limit (encouraged in goal setting), but also contains the measurable element, which is the indicator of success. You either hit the mark of fifty or you didn't.  Kinda harsh, for I believe reading forty-nine would still count. For that matter, reading one classic is always a good step forward.

I love this comment made by someone long ago that goes something like this: "Don't ask for more money. Here's a nickel. Done. You have more money."  Sometimes the example of what you do not want is more effective than an sampling of how to get what you seek. Odd how that works.

Remember also happiness's mutability. Today it might entail "money for all my bills." Tomorrow it might be "want an aspirin and want it now!" Another week, "I want to be married," followed later by "I want a divorce." See?  Changes.

As we grow and evolve, so do our likes, our hobbies, how we spend our time. So should our happiness factor.

And I heartily believe we should all seek more happiness in our lives. It is one of our inalienable rights.

Start exercising yours this instant.

~ ~ ~ ~

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