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Friday, March 29, 2013

M. M. Pollard Online Workshop re Ten Sentence Patterns

I'm taking an online OCRWA class that is worth more than my investment of time and money. I find this teacher engaging, easy to follow and her subject matter interesting. M. M. Pollard (or MM as she prefers), dubbed the Queen of English, can be found here: http://queenofenglish.wordpress.com/workshops-with-mm-2013-schedule/.

The workshop title is a mouthful, called Stretching Sentences' Recipes and Mixing Up Sentence Ingredients to Create a Memorable Story. Part of this four-week class involves identifying parts of speech. Remember diagramming from your school days? As a copy editor aka grammar geek, I enjoyed that. Ha!

But what I sought, as an author, were the ten sentence structures (who knew?). Already into Sentence Pattern 8, I've noted at least two sentence forms are deemed better constructions.

Regardless, as creators, we need to keep our delivery fresh and nonrepetitive. Soon I will know all ten configurations and can ID which ones I use too much, which ones I should add more of.

Being a lifetime student and believing in ongoing education, I try to take one writing-related class a month. After the first couple years doing this, I'm not always able to find one now that works for me. So I was happy to see this class offered by MM.

Denise Barker, author + blogger + copy editor

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