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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Blood Sugar Solution is Working!

Even with the added stress (on top of dieting!) of looking for more copyediting jobs to pay my mortgage and the IRS.

Even with some deviations (otherwise known as cheating). But, hey, I am in the entry transition phase of the plan.

Even with a faulty bathroom scale.

Even with all those caveats, I can see (downward) progress.

And this is just the beginning of Day Thirteen.

Tomorrow I am starting the real portion of this program. Which is just what I've been doing so far, sans detours.

But, you know, the last time I lost weight I was not journaling, so I have no clue what I did back then that worked. Still, I can tell you this: I had not cut out all sugar but honey from my eating habits back then. I had not cut out all flours back then. I certainly had not cut out all dairy back then. And I most definitely was not going all-decaf back then.

So I figure (in my diet-cheating mind), that even if I continue to veer off this plan, just to the degree I have already violated, I'll still keep losing weight. How awesome is that?

Plus in one of Dr. Hyman's recent blogs, he stated that cortisol (a bad hormone we don't want to encourage) is better controlled by yoga and the like than by running, which increases glucose in our bloodstream. Interesting. And good to hear, because I love yoga and weight training over aerobics any day.

Oh, but one thing: I'm not exercising yet. I plan to...soon.

As for particulars, here's a few:
  • I'm enjoying eating crispy fried onion slices with my eggs in the morning. Satisfies that desire for potatoes.
  • I find I'm eating less meat. After all, toxins are held in their fat, too, just like for us, right? I'm not trying to be a vegetarian. I just cannot afford organic meat prices. Although I do have some (nonorganic) seafood in the freezer that I'm looking forward to eating.
  • Did you know canned salmon and tuna are both wild caught? How great is that? Plus the price/can is within my current budget. The cans may be problematic as there is no BPA-free wording thereon. Still, I am avoiding as many other toxins as I can right now. So I'm reducing the amount of pollutants my body has to fight. That's a good thing.
  • Two of my lapses involved corn: Fritos and a Taco Bell run (crunchy tacos and a side of beans with no cheese). Didn't set back my bathroom scale. Didn't give me any sensitivity alerts. While I will continue to avoid those in the next six weeks of the main part of TBSS program, I feel confident I can work them back into my permanent lifestyle in moderation.
I am one happy woman. Now how many times do you hear a job-hunting dieter say that?

Denise Barker, author + blogger + copy editor

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