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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More GCB Quotes from Episode Six, “Turn the Other Cheek”

This episode centers around Carlene and Ripp’s annual vow renewal to celebrate this year as they reach seventeen years of marriage.  Of course, it is over-the-top with the Gone with the Wind theme.  But at the end, when Carlene joins Ripp, standing in a very Rhett Butler-like pose at the altar, and share an intimate look, you can feel the depth of the true love they have for each other. 

We truly have some talented singers in this crew:  Kristin Chenoweth and Mariam Shor.

In this show, we see the vindictive side of Sharon as she takes her revenge on Amanda all because Carlene revoked Sharon’s matron of honor title.  Sharon “fails” to tell Amanda a few things.

The whole progression of Heather trying to win back her relationship with Carlene, Sharon and Cricket highlights the degree of dysfunctionality this group embraces.  Yet, I can understand how she would want them back.  Like the scene with her and Cricket in the woods, sharing an honest moment.

You have to watch Carlene after she’s shot.  The whole event is played to the hilt.  I especially like it when she fainted and pink feathers flutter up as she hits the floor.  What can I say?  I like the physical comedy stuff.

Gigi has some very illuminating facial expressions—able to tell a story with one look.  She’s so gifted.

Anyway, here’s a couple goodies that were not in my original post on this sixth episode.

* * *

Cricket (to Heather, trying to get back in the group):  Talk is cheap, darling.  You can't just tell me you love me.  You're going to have to show me.

Amanda:  How do I know what the perfect song is [as they exchange renewal vows]?  I’m not inside Carlene’s head, thank goodness.
Luke:  How about Like a VirginI Want Your Sex? . . . Come on.  You’re in the home stretch here, just push it over the finish line.
Amanda:  Sharon did do most of the heavy lifting.

Carlene:  Really, Heather?  I didn’t know you could major in medicine at real estate school.

Luke:  You want to see the Wailing Wall?  Don’t go to Jerusalem.  Just head on upstairs to the master suite.

Cricket (to Blake):  I am only afraid to have children without you.

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